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Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What is a Charter School?

A: Charter schools are public schools that operate with an agreement (or charter) with a state, school district or governmental entity to provide an enhanced education that is often unavailable within the conventional public schooling setting. These schools are open to all students, do not charge tuition, have no religious affiliation, and must abide by the same state and federal testing, financial, anti-discrimination, health, and safety regulations as all public schools. They typically have higher levels of parent, student, and community involvement and often realize higher student achievement.

Our campus is small by design, which gives it a private school atmosphere where parents, faculty, and staff can work together for the benefit of each child. Though it may seem like a small private school, it is an established, tuition-free public school of choice.

Q: What are the school hours?

A: During the 2022 - 23 school year, the campus is open at 7:15 am for students to be dropped off on campus. Car line closes at 7:55 am. Students are tardy if they are not with their class at 8:00 am in their classroom. Dismissal begins at 3:30 pm and students should be off campus by 4:00 pm unless they are participating in a school sponsored event or activity. Siblings of students in activities may not remain on campus. Students not picked up by 4:00pm for grammar and 4:15pm for secondary will be charged a late fee. Should a change be necessary or staggered stop and start times due to increased enrollment, information will be shared with parents at its earliest availability.

Q: Do you have a transportation department?

A: All students are brought to the school through family transportation. Families within our community also have carpooled with one another to assist in the transportation of their students.

Q: Is there After School Program on campus?

A: No, but several local facilities currently pick up students at our school (Aim High, The Children’s Lighthouse, Kung Jung Mu Sul, Kiddie Round Up, Texas Heritage, Tiny Tots, and Converse Christian)

Q: How do we drop off and pick up our students?

A: Each family is issued Parent Pick-Up Cards at the beginning of the school year with the student's grades and family number on them. Each student is also issued a backpack tag with their name and family number on it for staff to match to the Parent Pick-Up Card. Pick-Up Cards are required to receive students at dismissal. Lost cards and tags can be replaced in the front office for a fee of $2 each.

Q: Are pets allowed on campus?

A: To provide a safe environment for ages, we are asking families to adhere to our pet-free campus policy.

Q: Does FCA Schertz serve breakfast?

A: Breakfast is available from 7:15 am to 7:40 am each morning in the gym/cafeteria.

Q: How do we pay for hot lunches and what is the charge per meal?

A: The cost of each lunch is $3.50. Parents are to pay for hot lunches on the K12paymentcenter.com website. More information will be given at Back to School Night.

Q: Can my student have snacks?

A: Students are allowed to bring snacks to eat during approved times in the morning and afternoon. Due to students with nut allergies, classroom snacks must be nut-free. Water is the only beverage permitted in the classrooms in a clear, spill-proof container.

Q: What type of lunch programs are available?

A: We offer a hot lunch program with a charge of $3.50 per lunch. We also participate in the Free and Reduced Lunch program for students who qualify. Students are always welcome to bring their own lunch. Microwaves are available to reheat their meals for students in 2nd grade and up (2 minute microwave limit).

Q: Can parents eat lunch with students?

A: Parents may sign in at the front office (ID required) and eat in the lunchroom with students.

Q: Do the teachers offer tutoring?

A: The teachers do offer tutoring at scheduled times. Please contact teachers directly through Jupiter Ed email to confirm the time.

Q: Do you offer foreign language classes?

A: Students 6th grade and up currently study Latin as part of the curriculum.

Q: Do you have a School Nurse?

A: We have a full-time School Nurse available to assist and care for your student throughout the school day as needed. Should your student have a medical plan (asthma action plan, EpiPen action plan, etc.) please have these documents ready at Back to School Night for the nurse’s review. Any medication should be signed in at Back to School Night or through the office with the Medication Administration Form. All medication must be in the original container and dispensed only by the Nurse.

Q: Do you have a Special Education and 504 Program?

A: Founders has a Student Services department to assist with students’ learning needs. Parents should notify the school upon enrollment of any existing plans in place and provide documentation from the previous school to make the transition as seamless as possible.