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College Readiness

College Preparation Information for High Schoolers 

Please click the dropdown below to download documents prepared by our college counselor to guide students and parents through the college application process.

College Counselor

Mrs. Jeanette Kroll

Preparing Students for Lifelong Learning

The College Counseling office seeks to support the mission of Founders Classical Academy and​ help students to determine their post-secondary plans and understand the college search, application​, and selection​ process. While we realize that not every student will attend college, or perhaps not attend immediately, it is our goal that our graduates have excellent college opportunities from which to choose and that we have provided them with the resources and guidance to pursue these opportunities.

In many ways, college preparation begins the moment a student walks through the doors of Founders. They are given opportunities to grow intellectually, philosophically, morally, and socially. They are encouraged to think deeply and live well and develop the habits of a lifelong learner. In order to be well-prepared for the college selection process, students should seek challenges, work hard in their studies, develop their character, and pursue happiness.

Choosing a college requires time, effort, and thought. The College Counseling office strives to make the college search and application process both efficient and effective. ​As students see their choices develop, they will ​discover that it is time well spent.

Naviance is a college and success planning tool designed to help high school students plan their college search, communicate with their counselor, and stay on top of tasks and assignments related to the application process. All juniors and their parents are provided with an individual registration code for their account, which they will use throughout their junior and senior years. Students in 9th and 10th grade ​can request access from Ms. Ellis.


Naviance Information and Policies

Introduction to Naviance

High school students are allowed two excused days of absence for college visits during their junior year and two excused days of absence for a college visit during their senior year.

Consider using your school holidays to make college visits. Always be sure to schedule well in advance to ensure availability at the college, especially if visiting on a holiday. Consider also using Spring Break, Bad Weather Days, Student Holidays, Early Release Days, and stop at colleges along the way during any road trips or travel in the summer.​

How do you know if a college will be right for you? Thoughtful, thorough questions will not only increase your knowledge about the school but show the representative that you are an informed participant in the admissions process. Click here for a list of questions to keep in mind as you first begin looking into colleges. 

You've got your list of colleges, and now you're on campus for the first time. What do you say? What should you look for? Use these questions to guide your conversations with tour guides, students you meet, and admissions representatives. Take notes and record your impressions immediately after each visit. You’ll be glad you did!