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Our Distinctives

Classical education aims to recover lost tools of learning in order to cultivate wise and virtuous men and women who will be responsible citizens of our republic.


Our Distinctives

  • Classical virtues, as well as principles in self-government and civility, are identified and clearly taught in a seamless manner through course content.

  • The curriculum is knowledge-rich and built around the belief that there is a common body of knowledge all members of our society should master in the core areas and in the Fine Arts.

  • Emphasis is placed on minds-on learning and on fostering a spirit of inquiry in students.

  • Standardized tests do not drive the curriculum.

  • Literacy is taught through explicit phonics and traditional grammar and composition.

  • Logic and rhetoric are emphasized in the upper grades.

  • Greek and Latin root words are taught in upper elementary grades. Latin studies are an integral part of the upper school curriculum.

  • Mathematical and scientific knowledge is pursued for their own sakes, not merely for their practical applications.

  • Literature and history instruction is rooted in primary sources and in great books.

  • Instruction in the Fine Arts includes theory, history, and performance.

  • Students are trained in study skills, planning and organization, a close reading of the text, and note-taking.

  • The importance is placed on bodily fitness and physical education in concert with fit minds.

  • Co-curricular and extra-curricular academic and athletics activities are offered and encouraged to promote a well-ordered and well-rounded experience for students.